• Payment is due upon job completion (unless otherwise agreed upon in writing)
  • All prices are in Canadian Dollars (unless otherwise agreed upon in writing)
  • Payments accepted: 
    Cash, Cheque, Visa, Master, Amex, Discover, e-Transfer, PayPal,
    Cheque Made-Out & Mail-To;
    R.A.F. Maintenance 
    6480 McLynn Av. Montreal, QC, H3X2R4, Canada,
  • Current Tax rates; Total x TPS 5% x TVQ 9.975% 
  • We do NOT give Quotes or Estimates; every jobs is unique, and we charge for time + Materials.
  • Net 15/30/45 for APPROVED customers ONLY.


6480 Mclynn Avenue, Montreal, QC H3X2R4, Canada   |  514-781-5302  |  raf5147815302@gmail.com

Services offeredOn SiteNet 15Net 30Net 45
Service Call   (Includes up to 2hrs+20min Travel) $100.00$105.00$115.00 $125.00 
Each Additional Hour$39.00$40.00$43.00$45.00
Emergency Calls      p/hr    (2hrs Min)
After Hours {21h00-07h00}  p/hr (2hrs Min)$55.00$60.00$65.00$70.00
Each Additional person p/hr  (4hr min)$18.00$20.00$22.00$25.00
Shipping & Transport         per/Km$4.50/km$4.75/km$5.00/km$5.50/km
Materials & PartsCost +5%Cost +10%Cost +15%Cost +20%
Trash Disposal per/ Cubic meters   (2m3 Min)$34.75 /m3$38.00 /m3$40.00 /m3$45.00 /m3
Equipment & Vehicle RentalsCost + 5%Cost + 10Cost +15Cost + 20
Please Note: Net accounts require prior approval